Company Profile:
Armonitel Electricity and Machinery Commerce LTD has been founded in order to supply products to high and medium voltage market and has started its activities in 2009. Our objective is to be one of the important suppliers in the market and to be able to provide best service and high quality products,to produce added value for the economy of the country and the world.For these reasons,pressed weld system which is a welding method that is used on flexible bars produced from folio copper, has been used in our production facility by courtesy of the know-how of the Armonitel. Armonitel has aim to provide sales and services not only in Turkey but in international markets as well,therefore Armonitel is producing according to International Standards.

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Established Date: 2009  Tax Office: Beylikdüzü  Tax Number: 08003333413  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Emre KÖK